'Slate': Conservatives are Sexually Repressed, Lack Empathy

"Anger, if nothing else, makes them feel bigger and more powerful.”

In a Slate article today, a psychology professor reminds us of the declining quality of America's educational system as he Leftsplains the mental aberrations behind the Right's cherishing of the 2nd Amendment.

The piece, titled "Conservatives Are So Obsessed with Gun Rights," attempts to scientifically prove the psychologically devolved state of those on the political Right. Actually appearing in the "Science" section of the online publication, John Ehrenreich -- of the State University of New York at Old Westbury -- begins his report with an even-handed clarification: 

“Nothing is intrinsically bad or intrinsically good in the characteristics typical of either camp. But conservatives tend to lean one way, liberals the other."

However, from there, the gloves come off, as Ehrenreich portrays those on the Right as paranoid schizophrenic, cruel, and sexually repressed.

According to the professor's study, conservatives are “disproportionately skeptical of evidence provided by ‘experts’ and scholarly studies...[Some] project their own anger onto others, fantasizing that people of color, immigrants, and feminists are the cause of their own inner torments. Anger, if nothing else, makes them feel bigger and more powerful.”

Furthermore, those to the Right "tend to be more moralistic and more conventional than liberals,” and have a “stronger need for order and control and stability and a greater dislike of change.” 

It's true: conservatives dislike the kind of change that makes the world worse, like the kind preferred by the Left.

Ehrenreich also claims conservatives have less empathy and less appreciation for equality than their political adversaries. Right-wingers are "less centered on fairness and kindness and more on loyalty, deference to authority, and moral and sexual purity.” 

Ehrenreich adds:

“They also tend to repress their own aggressive and sexual impulses more and to identify with aggressors. These forbidden impulses may be projected onto others, justifying the decision to see others as a source of danger and legitimizing aggressive responses.”

So, according to the professor -- and Slate -- conservatives are sexually repressed, fearful of our natural impulses, stuck in our antiquated ways, and we hate those who are different from us. Is that description from a psychological study or the Democratic playbook?

The professor concludes by claiming that "[conservatives are swayed by] identification with a charismatic political figure, such as a Ronald Reagan or a Donald Trump, who proclaims himself to be fighting the dragons on their behalf.”

But leftists aren't swayed by charismatic political figures? Perhaps the professor isn't familiar with Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Obama, etc. Oh well, he isn't a history or political science professor. 

In other words, the Right are witless followers rather than leaders, raging against imaginary enemies. However, the professor's propagandistic "study" itself demonstrates that perhaps those dragons aren't so imaginary after all.