SJWs Host LGBT-Only Safe Space During Pastor’s Talk on Traditional Marriage

Hey, at least this one was peaceful.

In response to a pastor invited to speak on campus about traditional marriage, progressive students opened a safe space for LGBT students to protect them from the “hate-mongering” going on in another room behind closed doors.

According to The College Fix, Rev. Jonathan Fisk was invited to the private Washington University in St. Louis on Monday evening by the Lutheran Student Fellowship to give a talk titled “The Original Diversity: Man & Woman in Christ.” Fisk’s speech covers the “goodness and importance of procreation and marriage between a man and a woman.” This prompted College Democrats to host counter protest titled “Nothing But Love: A Demonstration of Inclusion” which was “only open to LGBTQIA-identified and questioning Wash U students.” Fisk was also labeled “an unabashedly homophobic, ultra-conservative, transphobic, anti-choice fear monger” in a campus newspaper op-ed.

However, Rev. Fisk assured he wasn’t there to discuss homosexuality, but to stress the importance of traditional marriage and the dangers of its decline around the world. Fisk gave his speech in a closed room above the protests. While no one in the hall below could hear what the reverend was saying, the Lutheran students could certainly hear the singing and clapping from the protests below. 

The protest started before the marriage talk began and the pastor stopped by to check it out:

In his talk, Fisk addressed the article in the school paper that attacked him for saying there’s an “anti-Christian crusade” going on, noting the increase in persecution around the world. 

“Again, I found this very interesting that this was in an article that was trying to silence me. That somehow my warning against an anti-Christian crusade actually ran into one,” Fisk said.

He also talked about how society is currently in a “mass rejection of the value of procreation,” citing abortion and evolving views on marriage as reasons.

“I want you to hear that as not having children to a level that we actually implode and disappear as a population might just spell the end of civilization as we know it,” Fisk warned the students.

Fisk noted the one-way street of tolerance at many of today’s college campuses:

“Christians are OK tolerating people we disagree with. We’re OK not hating people we disagree with. We’re OK not making them agree with us. We don’t insist on our way for others.”

At least these protests were actually peaceful and in the end, both student groups agreed to meet socially to discuss their differences with a promise to keep it civil. 

We’ll see who upholds their end of the bargain, but if the above video is any indication, guess who will lose?

To watch the entire talk (with protest music heard in the background) given by Rev. Fisk at Washington University, click here.