‘The Simpsons’ Lambastes ‘Trophies for Everyone’ Philosophy

“Most boogers wiped on a bedroom wall? They're giving trophies for that now?”

It was “trophies for everyone” on Sunday night’s The Simpsons on Fox.

The power of positivity swept through the fictional town of Springfield as parents flocked to hear a seminar from a motivational speaker who wrote a book called “The Myth of the Imperfect Child.” The whole town is attracted to the philosophies behind the book, especially Marge Simpson, who is worried that her son, Bart, is set up for a lifetime of failure.

“Low self-esteem can cripple your child's chances of success,” the speaker says to an attentive crowd. “The cure: Praise. Praise they can hold in their hands. Certificates, ribbons and, yes, even trophies.”

Then and there, Marge decided that was the cure for Bart’s ills.

“This is how we save him,” she said.

Doubtful was Bart’s dad, Homer, who couldn’t grasp the concept:

“Give Bart a trophy? What for? Most boogers wiped on a bedroom wall? They're giving trophies for that now? I weep for this country.”

Also confused by this newfangled philosophy was Bart’s sister, Lisa, who wins a class competition and received a first-place trophy — but it’s the smallest one of the bunch; dwarfed by the tall, tall trophies of 8th and 9th place. When she complained in front of the class, her friend Ralph whined, “She’s loser-shaming me.”

According to Newsbusters, later in the episode, the town rejects giving trophies to everyone after another seminar speaker said it was a bad idea. Here are a two clips from the show: