Feminist Blames Feminism for Obesity Epidemic

She now works for Londonistan Mayor Khan as food policy advisor.

A feminist who encouraged women to get out of the kitchen and into the workplace is now blaming that same advice for making people fatter.

Rosie Boycott, who now serves as London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s food policy advisor, says she feels “partly responsible” for starting the trend back in the 1970s when she told women, “Don’t cook, don’t type. You’ll get ahead.” Now, Boycott says there is a “lost generation” of fast food eaters.

“We lost it. Schools gave up cooking. Everyone gave up cooking,” she laments.

MSN reports that Boycott was asked “if obesity was an accidental consequence of feminism.” She responded:

“It's certainly been fueled by the fact that women work and that we have changed things and we have allowed this huge change to happen."

Just like obesity continues rising in America, the UK is getting fatter, too, with London accounting for some of the highest levels. The National Health Service spends £13 million every year on weight loss surgeries.

But Boycott hasn’t dropped her feminist message in her desire to see everyone cooking at home again:

“Yes, on the one hand, I say everyone start cooking again. But I don't want it to be just women. I want it to be men as well."

Feminists love to have their cake and eat it, too.

Photo credit: Tobyotter via Foter.com / CC BY