Shocker: The Oscars Gets Political

And by political we mean "anti-Trump," of course.

As Hollywood awards shows continue to drop in ratings thanks to the inability of celebrities to rein in their Progressive political opinions, one would think that the forces behind the 2018 Academy Awards show, which aired Sunday night, would try a different tack and urge the host and celebs to stick with entertainment. One would be foolishly naive to think that.

Predictably, returning host Jimmy Kimmel, who has officially jettisoned his career as a comedian in favor of railing against the Republican party every night as a late-night host, got political during the 90th annual Academy Awards and urged other participants to do the same, telling Oscar winners not to be shy about tackling hot topics in their acceptance speeches.

Fox News reports that Kimmel began the night by encouraging positivity, then moved on to throw shade at President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and even Fox News viewers.

He began by referring to Black Panther actress Lupita Nyong’o: “She was born in Mexico and raised in Kenya. Let the tweetstorm from the president's toilet begin!”

Then moved on to Get Out filmmaker Jordan Peele: “Jordan is only the first person in 90 years to be nominated for directing, writing and best picture for his debut film. What a debut it was. None other than President Trump called ‘Get Out’ the best first three quarters of a movie this year.”

Then he highlighted the gay romance film Call Me By Your Name which, despite being Oscar-nominated, did not score big at the box office. “We don’t make films like ‘Call Me By Your Name’ for money,” Kimmel said. “We make them to upset Mike Pence.”

That joke was more revealing than Kimmel probably intended, since it proves the point conservatives have been claiming for years - that Hollywood is perfectly happy to lose money on a film as long as it serves a virtue-signaling, leftist political purpose.

While praising the Oscar statue itself, Kimmel - a middle-aged white guy, remember - managed to stereotype conservatives: "Oscar is 90 years old tonight, which means he’s probably at home tonight watching Fox News." That's rich coming from the party whose presidential candidates in 2016 were Bernie Sanders, who will be 78 this year, and Hillary Clinton, who is only one year younger than Trump but utterly decrepit compared to the relentlessly energetic Trump.

Kimmel also commented upon the recent departure of Hope Hicks from the Trump administration, noting that there was now a lack of hope at the White House. Get it? Her name is Hope, and she's not at the White House. Wit like that is why Kimmel earns the big bucks.

Fox News also reported that stars Kumail Nanjiani and Nyong'o took the stage to send a shout-out to the DACA "Dreamers": “Like everyone in this room and everyone watching at home, we are dreamers. We grew up dreaming of one day being in the movies. Dreams are the foundation of Hollywood and dreams are the foundation of America,” Nyong’o said.

“To all the dreamers out there,” Nanjiani continued. “We stand with you."

Then, in a musical performance, rapper Common and Andra Day performed “Stand Up for Something,” which featured lyrics about the NRA, the Parkland shooting, immigration, feminism and Puerto Rico. Common rapped something about the NRA standing in God's way. Hey Common, didn't you star as an assassin in the gun violence-soaked John Wick 2 last year?

During that musical performance, activists for causes such as the Standing Rock Youth Council, Syrian refugees, the Equal Justice Initiative, Planned Parenthood and more took the stage, with one holding up a Puerto Rican flag at the end of the performance, according to Fox News. What, no representative from a conservative group such as Turning Point USA or Citizens United?

Hollywood also patted itself on the back about the gender and racial diversity of its nominees this year, to divert from the industry's embarrassing lack of it in the previous 89 Oscars. Because it's all about the virtue-signaling.