SHOCK: NYT Publishes Pro-Gun Article Written by Conservative Female

Well, we’re speechless.

The New York Times has done the unexpected and published a strong pro-gun article written by female conservative Bethany Mandel. We’re not sure why the editor’s offices haven’t exploded from all the leftist outrage.

In her article, “I Wanted to Be a Good Mom. So I Got a Gun,” Mandel starts out with a personal experience:

A few months after my father left our family home for good, my mother heard me screaming in the middle of the night. It was the kind of scream that made her grab her rifle in one hand and some ammo in another.

It was a spring night and I was sleeping with my window open, which was right above my bed; I loved breathing in the fresh air. That night, in that open window, I heard the banging of a ladder, and by the time my mother made it into the room and began loading her gun, a man was about to climb in.

She said something along the lines of: “Bethany, come over here. I don’t want you to get his brain matter on your face.” I backed up behind her and my mother raised her gun. The would-be intruder slowly backed down the ladder. As he climbed down, my mother approached. The barrel of her rifle was inches away from his face and she told him, “Next time you come here, I won’t hesitate.” She had her gun pointed at him through the window on his way down, and as he went down the ladder she grabbed the top and shook it, just to put the fear of God into him one last time before he fled.

Mandel describes her mother as a Ralph Nader-supporting progressive, yet a gun owner:

They weren’t “weapons of war” to us, nor were my parents “gun nuts”; they just had a camper trailer in upstate New York, where bears were common campfire intruders. And soon, she had reason to keep them around the house for self-defense as well.

The NYT must’ve been sweating literal bullets during the proofreading.

Mandel said that guns helped her and her mother feel “empowered” since they were without a man in the house. When she became a mother, she wanted her family to feel the same security. So, she bought a gun, which in New Jersey, it turns out, “is not simple nor is it quick,” she said of obtaining a permit.

Then, Mandel went after the leftist talking points, “lies” really, that the National Rifle Association is the enemy and that the guns themselves are the enemy. She said gun-control activists must “confront the lie… that gun-rights supporters care more about guns than children.” Her article argues the exact opposite: “For many, support for gun rights is motivated precisely by our devotion to protecting our kids.”

As soon as you pick up your jaw from the floor that the NYT green-lighted such a piece, head over there and read it.