Sharpton to Kelly: 'Calm Down,' Stop Reporting Facts About Ferguson

The "DoG" has no idea what it's talking about!

Al Sharpton is not a fan of facts. Fox News's Megyn Kelly visited the civil rights leader at his National Action Network convention in New York City Wednesday to talk about the Justice Department's findings in the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, which found that officer Darren Wilson was indeed in fear for his life when he pulled the trigger. But Sharpton is too caught up in his own racially charged rhetoric to make room for any truth.

At one point, the interview became so heated, thanks to the reverend's disbelief, that he told Kelly to "calm down" -- an instruction she didn't take kindly to -- reminding him she had to lecture Bill O'Reilly about telling her that. And proving he really knows how to respectfully treat women, Sharpton forcefully grabbed her mic and shoved it back in her face, giving her the clear indication that he was done with this interview.

Sharpton made it abundantly clear that he will forever side with the witnesses; the very eyewitness accounts that the DoJ have proven incorrect. When confronted about whether he would apologize for painting Officer Wilson as a racist and take back his harmful rhetoric, he said he would not:

I stated what I believe… I'm an opinion guy.

Making the clip even more amusing was Sharpton's references to the Justice Department's acronym, which he often stumbled on, proving he may have had Snoop Dogg on the brain as he rattled off "D-O-G" instead of "D-O-J." 

To watch a complete reenactment of the actual grand jury testimony of the Ferguson trial, be better than Al and click here to find out what really happened to Michael Brown.

H/T Washington Free Beacon