WATCH: Ferguson Film Tells You Exactly What Happened to Michael Brown

Filmed stage play of actual grand jury testimony "debunks the liars."

Conservative documentary filmmaker Phelim McAleer debuted his Verbatim Theater play FERGUSON last year in Los Angeles to much controversy. Professional actors were hired to read word-for-word from the actual grand jury testimony of the shooting death of Michael Brown by Ferguson officer Darren Wilson. The fact that these were the actual testimonies of the witnesses to the shooting, with no additions for dramatic purposes, proved troublesome for McAleer's play as left-leaning actors walked out of the production feeling it was biased by conservative politics. It also didn't sit well with critics from multiple media outlets who didn't want to accept anything other than the "hands up, don't shoot" narrative that erupted from the incident. Even McAleer was accosted himself by an angry audience member after a showing.

Yet the play made its four-night run with replacement actors and zero changes to the "script" and now it has been turned into a film which premiered Wednesday evening online.

McAleer talked about his play-turned-film and the fallout that ensued in an accompanying exclusive for The Daily Wire:

I wrote a play that offered ten roles for black men and women and even three significant roles for black women over 40 - which everyone agrees can be a career death zone for women (of all races).

And as a "diversity bonus" the play was going to be about an issue that of huge significance to the black community…

And this was to be no whitesplaining of the issue. I wrote, or rather curated, the play only using actual Grand Jury testimony of witnesses (most of them black). I didn't change their testimony at all. Not a paragraph, word or comma was added. It was to be a minute by minute account by multiple eyewitnesses of the last hours of Michael Brown's life...

These facts did not please the actors who wanted to tell a different story... Nine of the original 13 actors walked out. Most of them were black. Then a few of the white cast walked out in sympathy - one just 24 hours before the performance opened.

Their walkout made a mockery of claims that there is a need for more diverse roles in the entertainment industry...

In reality what activists obviously meant was that they wanted black roles that pushed a left/liberal agenda. They may have wanted the actors faces to be a diverse color but they so did not want diversity of thought or ideas to be presented on the stage. No - those ideas had to be shut down.

TruthRevolt suggests watching FERGUSON before YouTube finds its agenda threatened and takes it down.

Currently, McAleer is in production for his next film about "America's biggest serial killer," serial abortionist Kermit Gosnell. McAleer is also know for debunking environmental extremists in his 2013 film, FrackNation.