Shapiro: MTV's 'Look Different' Initiative Marxist

"The theory behind this is that we are all racist."

On Thursday, TruthRevolt Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro appeared on Fox News' Megyn Kelly to discuss MTV's upcoming "Look Different" initiative designed to uncover "hidden racial, gender, and anti-LGBT bias" among millennials.

Shapiro forthrightly dismissed MTV's "Look Different," characterizing it as the left's Marxist attempt to falsely accuse and indict  millennials for secretly harboring racist thoughts of which they are unconscious. 

"The theory behind this is that we are all racist, and if we don't know we're racist, we are racists, and therefore, we're going to need training from the mainstream media on how to not become racist," said Shapiro. "The solution to all of our racism is to do whatever it is that leftist folks over at MTV want us to do, in order to assuage our self-esteem and we can all confirm that we are not racists or bigots in any way by doing exactly what all of the leftists in the media want us to do."

Shapiro's opponent, Democratic strategist Robert Zimmerman, vehemently disagreed with his analysis, calling it both "pathetic" and "comical".

"[Look Different] is designed to speak to millennials, the 14 to 24 year olds," said Zimmerman, "this is based on extensive research, where 41 percent have felt that they, in fact, feel bigotry in their own thoughts, and 63 percent of that study said that they were a victim of prejudice of one sort or another." 

Shapiro countered Zimmerman by labeling the initiative a "propaganda effort" and ultimately counter-productive.

"How about combating actual acts of racism?" asked Shapiro. "How about singling out racism and actually doing something about it as opposed to doing this kind of Marxist newsspeak in which we go through everybody's hidden actions?"