Shapiro Discusses Missing Malaysian Flight 370

I will say this for John least he's keeping all things on the table at this point.

TruthRevolt Managing Editor Ben Shapiro was on Hannity Monday to discuss the many strange events surrounding the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 after he wrote an article entitled "9 ODD FACTS ABOUT MALAYSIAN FLIGHT MH370" for

Discussing many aspects, from the flight's black box not pinging to the two Australian women being invited into the cockpit on a previous flight, Shapiro believes that

“It does not look like pilot error, If the plane had broken up, they would have found a debris field by now.”

He believes it is either terrorism or a deliberate action taken by the pilot. 

The most telling question of the interview is when Hannity asks Shapiro about CIA director John Brennan saying that “they can’t rule out terrorism.”

“At this point four days later, why is there this reluctance, this mysterious reluctance to mention the ‘t’ word, especially in a post 911 world, that seems bizarre to me?

Shapiro answered,

“It is interesting that people are so quick to rule it out from other countries.  I'm glad that Brennan is not ruling it out and obviously the process is going to take place.  But there has been a rush by the world media to suggest that terrorism is not in play here and that it’s something else.  The evidence is out there it's possible it was not terrorism; I will say this for John Brennan, who I am not a fan of.  At least he's keeping all things on the table at this point.