Sex Abuse Victim Calls Out Blatant Hypocrisy of Hollywood ‘Feminists’

“You don’t get to stand in front of the world in a $14,000 dress and whine on about how women don’t have equal rights.”

When Donald Trump was elected president, the self-proclaimed feminist actresses in Hollywood crawled out from under their $3,000 satin sheets and lectured the country on everything that is wrong with conservative voters. But when sex abuse allegations against one of their own — secrets long-known, but finally revealed, those same “feminists” suddenly didn’t have much to say. It’s a hypocrisy we all see, all the time from our moral betters in Tinsel Town.

But instead of another conservative writer going on and on about how Hollywood has a lot of nerve peddling its wares while defending the creeps in their midst, we thought it would be more interesting to hear it from a conservative woman who has had a similar, and equally awful, experience when others decided to keep quiet.

She goes by the name “Prepper Frog” on Twitter and describes herself as a “Christian, wife, mom, runner, scientist and conservative.” She blasted out a stream of messages which are copied below in a more easy-to-read format. Enjoy Prepper Frog’s mic drop-moment: 


My thoughts on the Hollywood feminists who remained silent while Weinstein assaulted women; they stem from a personal experience.

Half a lifetime ago I was sexually assaulted by a man in a position of authority. Hard as it was w/in 12 hours I was in a police station. Initially I was warned that it was a ‘my word against an esteemed physician’ and that it likely wouldn’t go anywhere.

After wks of interviews they arrested him. Two days later, the detective phoned letting me know that four other women had come forward which boded well for the case. I spent the next yr being deposed, testifying in front of a medical board and ultimately in a court of law.

In the meantime, my name had been accidentally released (victims were supposed to remain protected). For the weeks up to the trial, my name and face were in the paper, along with all the details of my assault. It was humiliating, especially as a young professor at a Christian college. 

During the trial, I had to enter the courthouse past a line of picketers, screaming names at me because they KNEW he would never do anything so disgusting. I was ruining his career and his family because I was angry/greedy/insane/immoral. I had my intentions, my morality, and my integrity questioned. My private medical history was (embarrassingly) no longer private.

In the end he was stripped of his medical license and spent four years in prison. 

After it was finished I received many letters from women, more than a dozen of which thanked me, because he had done something similar to them. While I briefly felt proud that I had brought this pervert to justice, I couldn’t help but be resentful. If ONE of those women had come forward when he’d assaulted them, I would never have had to go through the hell that I did. 

I get not having the guts to come forward. You may lose a lot. But you don’t get to stand in front of the world in a $14,000 dress and whine on about how women don’t have equal rights. 

To me, feminism isn’t about fighting for rights that women largely already have. It’s about standing up, each in our own way, to directly impact and empower and protect women in our own lives. If our influence is great enough, perhaps we can empower and protect women in countries where our sisters truly have few rights. But don’t be fooled into thinking you can truly right a wrong and stay comfortable. That’s not how it works. Trust me.


H/T Twitchy