Seventeen Magazine Encourages Teen Girls to Get ‘Realistic Vagina Manicure’

Consider this a warning: you can’t unsee what’s below.

Teen girl magazine Seventeen revived a year-old post on Twitter Thursday to encourage their 13- to 19-year-old demographic once again to go out and get a “realistic vagina manicure.”

In her piece (with pics) that is linked in the tweet, Hannah Orenstein gushed: “Nail artist Asa Bree has graced the internet with a gift. It's a glittery purple gel manicure with one accent nail on each hand — and that accent just so happens to be an alarmingly realistic depiction of a vagina, painted lovingly with five distinct shades of pink and topped with a pearl.” 

"This realistic vagina manicure is exactly what I needed today," she added.

Orenstein also loved the fact that Bree captioned a photo of her nausea-inducing design on Instagram with “PUSSY POWER.”

Bree comes up with these feminist designs at a nail salon in Portland, Oregon, called “Finger Bang.” That oughta inspire even more wholesomeness in the impressionable young readers of Seventeen.

And if carrying vaginas on fingertips aren’t a young girl's thing, perhaps they’d prefer to get “boob nails” or “nip nails,” another manicure Seventeen finds irresistible (more unseeable pics).  

“As a show of boobie pride, people are getting teeny tiny tits painted into their nails,” writes Kelsey Stiegman. “Honestly, living for this.”

When Finger Bang isn’t showing off its designs inspired by the Women’s March, its going directly after President Trump with “fake news” nails, complete with a Trump gravestone:




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What a classy hashtag for teens.

Needless to say, Seventeen’s promotion of nail genitalia wasn’t received well by the Twitterverse: