Sessions Issues Stern Warning: Don't Come to Our Border, It's Closed

Folks, we're not in Kansas anymore.

The Trump administration is continuing to project strength and authority, particularly when it comes to illegal immigration. During an interview with Fox News' Sean Hannity on Tuesday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a stern warning to would-be illegal immigrants, stating simply, "don't come."

"The border is not open. Please don't come," said Sessions during the interview.

"You will be apprehended if you do come and you will be deported promptly. If you’re a criminal, you will be prosecuted, and if you assault our officers, we’re going to come at you [like] a ton of bricks."

How sorely have we, has the world, needed to hear such strong and definitive words? Best of all, unlike those that came before, the Trump administration will back it up. Fox adds: 

Sessions said President Trump's rhetoric was having an effect, citing a recent Department of Homeland Security report indicating that fewer people are attempting to cross America's southern border illegally.

"I knew strong Presidential leadership, unlike the wishy-washy-ness we’ve seen in the past, would impact the flow, but not as much as we’ve seen already," Sessions said. "The numbers are down 70 percent since President Obama left office. So it’s really a remarkable achievement."

The attorney general spoke after wrapping up a visit to the U.S.-Mexico border, where he urged federal prosecutors to focus on immigration-related crimes, such as human trafficking. 

Sessions also responded to reports that GOP lawmakers were dropping funds for Trump's proposed border wall from a spending bill being prepared for later this month. 

"I believe he [Trump] will get funding for the wall," added the Attorney General.

"I can’t imagine Congress to deny him that ... It doesn’t have to be every foot of the entire 1,700-mile border, but a wall, a barrier, multiplies the ability of our border patrol and customs officers to be effective ... This is the way to go."

The segment clip is featured above.