Good Guy with Gun Rescues Woman and Baby from Attackers at Walmart

Iraq war vet also stepped in but was shot multiple times and badly injured.

A good guy with a gun stepped in and saved the day at a Shawnee, Kansas Walmart parking lot Sunday, September 11, when a 39-year-old woman was attacked from behind while putting her baby in a car seat.

Two men struck her in the back of the head, and her screams called the attention of two good Samaritans who were nearby. One of them was a 33-year-old Air Force veteran who was shot in the face and chest by one of the suspects. Thankfully, the other Samaritan was armed and killed the attacker, now identified as John W. Simmons III. The second suspect was caught and identified as Arthur Fred Wyatt III, 27. The mother, who didn't know the suspects, has been released from the hospital and is now with her baby who wasn’t hurt. 

According to a CNN wire, Wyatt is currently in jail facing charges of attempted first-degree murder, aggravated kidnapping and attempted aggravated robbery.

The armed rescuer is 36 and hails from De Soto, Kansas, but remains unidentified at this point. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help with the medical bills for the Iraq/Afghanistan veteran, Joshua Owen:

This past Sunday was not the first time Josh has put his life on the line to save someone else’s. Josh joined the air force in 2001, shortly after 9/11, and served his country for four years, three months extended. During that time, he was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. He was also present during the shooting at Independence Center in 2012, and quickly responded by helping aid people who were injured. Josh has always put others before himself, and we are all confident he will continue to do so, even after this tragic event that has left him hospitalized. Josh is suffering from three gunshot wounds. He was hit in the face, where the bullet swiped his nose, removing a large portion of the left side, traveled into his cheek shattering bones and damaging nerves and extended up to his left ear. He was also hit in his left wrist, leaving him with a broken wrist and loss of some nerve function in his hand and arm. Lastly, he was hit in his chest where the bullet traveled up into his left shoulder and remains lodged in the bone. His shoulder is also broken.