School Bans American Flags, Students Protest with Flags, School Reverses Ban

Now that's a fairly smooth transaction.

Officials at Rocori High School in St. Cloud, Minnesota, decided to ban all flags on student vehicles after some students — they didn’t say how many — displayed Confederate flags. The overreaching plan backfired when the parking lot filled up the next day with American flags.

The school said 30 people came to the school on Wednesday with flags in hand and around 25 vehicles were flying Old Glory in the parking lot. One student’s father even joined the protest to support his child.

“This is his truck and he’s proud of his truck, and he’s proud of his American flag,” Don Ihrke told local news. “He has a sister who’s a sergeant in the Marine Corps and he’s proud of his sister.”

“We just didn’t think that was right,” the father said of the school banning all flags.

And it worked, too. The U.S. flag is once again allowed to fly proudly by patriotic students.

Superintendent Scott Staska claimed the original ban had nothing to do with the American flag but only those students who were “being disrespectful to other people.” Staska said the protest was “very peaceful, positive, and appropriate.” However, he added that the ban is lifted only on the U.S. flag. The Confederate flag is still not allowed, nor is displaying a swastika — even though the report didn’t note anyone had.

Even though this situation came to an amicable end, it’s still troubling to think the administration’s best solution was to issue a blanket ban that included the U.S. flag. If that offends anyone, it’s time to leave the country.

H/T The Blaze