Sasse and Cruz Lighten Up Sessions Hearing With Mock Dr. Pepper Feud

"I dumped a Dr. Pepper on Senator Cruz."

Senate Judiciary hearings aren't usually known for being funny, but Senators Sasse and Cruz but, on Wednesday, as Attorney General Jeff Sessions testified, things got a little off track. 

It all started when Ben Sasse spilled his Dr. Pepper on Ted Cruz.

An innocent mistake, but  you don't mess with Dr. Pepper around a Texan. Ted Cruz immediately took measures.

As it turns out, it might not have been an accident at all.

This, of course, is a reference to Donald Trump's implication that Cruz's father could have helped JFK's assassin. Not to worry, there's a conspiracy theory about Ted Cruz, too, and he's not afraid to use it. 

Well, that escalated quickly. We told you never to mess with a Texan over Dr. Pepper, or anything else for that matter.

(Hat tip to my friend Kemberlee Kaye over at Legal Insurrection for this one)