Sarah Silverman: 'Patriotism is Perverted'

"How perverted it is to go from 'We are one' to 'We are number one,' which is such a childish idea.”

In the first season of her new Hulu series I Love You America, purported comedienne Sarah Silverman, who has made a career out of crudity and divisive political commentary, travels the United States and tries to find common ground with the flyover Americans she has spent a career smearing as racist hicks.

Fox News reports that the 47-year-old recently mused about what she learned from those Americans about patriotism. As you no doubt may guess, she considers the conservative version of patriotism to be a bad thing:

“The right has perverted the meaning of being liberal, or being feminist. Even ‘social justice warrior’ is an insult. We pervert language so much."

It is the left that has perverted the language, not the right. The left has twisted "liberal," for example, to mean "totalitarian." The right considers "social justice warrior" to be an insult because SJWs prove themselves almost daily to be the insufferably self-righteous and fanatical heirs of Mao's ruthless Cultural Revolution.

"Patriotism has always been a bit owned by the right,” Silverman added.

There's a reason for that: the right loves America and today's left hates it.

“Patriotism is perverted. We’re not on the same page of what it means. To me, being patriotic is loving your country — being a citizen, having a voice, being e pluribus unum. How perverted it is to go from 'We are one' to 'We are number one,' which is such a childish idea,” she pontificated.

It's not childish to be proud of your country's standing as the world's pre-eminent superpower. It's childish to believe, like Progressives do, in the ideal of a borderless globalism in which everyone holds hands and sings in perfect harmony like a 1960s Coca-Cola commercial. "Imagine there's no countries," John Lennon sang. 

Silverman went on to wax philosophical about religion next:

“Like patriotism, religion can be sometimes used as a weapon, or to support someone’s own narrative or fears and prejudices. These Christian-fringe, Roy Moore, do-what-I-say-not-what-I-do people––they’re not very Jesus-like."

It's always enlightening to be preached to about Jesus and religion by Progressives who believe in neither one. And then comes the predictable moral equivalence between Christianity and Islam:

"I see them as fringe the way I see ISIS as fringe. But when we look at the fringe as a whole, it’s dangerous. That’s why there’s the Muslim ban."

There is no Muslim ban. But it suits Silverman and her ilk to claim that there is, to paint the right and the Trump administration as "Islamophobic."

She goes on to pretend to be fair and balanced, which she most definitely is not:

"They’re taking a tiny fraction of a people that’s loud and making it the entire people. That’s dangerous. The left often does that with the religious right."

And few are guiltier of that than leftist entertainers like Silverman.

"The religious right is not all of religion. The notion of religious freedom used to be this beautiful notion that all religions can come here and practice. What it’s become is legal homophobia—or racism.”

This is typical Progressive nonsense. She's not-so-subtly referring to the Muslim Brotherhood-concocted myth of "Islamophobia," which the left considers a greater national security threat than Islamic terrorism. So-called Islamophobia is how Islamic fundamentalists and their allies among the radical left pervert the legitimate concerns people have about the very real threat of jihad in all its forms. That concern is neither racist nor anti-Muslim, as Silverman suggests it is.

Sarah Silverman may have spoken to a variety of Americans in the course of her show, but she apparently learned precious little.