Sarah Silverman: New Show, Same Old Low Standard for Truth and Comedy

“Dear God that I don’t believe in...”

Sarah Silverman’s “humor” has always been an acquired taste.  The comedienne has long made a habit of debasing things that most Americans find sacred. Sadly, that impulse is well-fed in her new show on Hulu, I Love You, America. The title itself is right in line with her propensity for sarcastic affection.

In the show’s first episode, viewers were treated to prolonged, uncomfortable full frontal nudity, thanks to Hulu’s lax standards. And Thursday night’s installment—the second of the series—showed no signs of a rising level of class.

Episode #2 opened with a vulgarity-laced monologue, during which Silverman lamented a lack of objective truth in modern times. The example the left-wing actress gave was Republicans’ refusal to give Obama’s presidency the stellar marks it deserves, due to their “own” personal truth. 

After the monologue, Silverman took a trip to Mineola, Texas, a town in which the vast majority voted for Trump. Cut to various condescending clips of her getting answers from conservatives and tweaking her head like a dog that doesn’t understand. Cue the laugh track. She asked questions about gay marriage, climate change, and election considerations. During the segment, she mentioned that “97% of climate scientists” believe in man-made climate change. Curiously, this wasn’t presented as her clinging to her own personal truth.

Back in the studio—where, thankfully, there was no frontal nudity this time—she interviewed Black Lives Matter protestor DeRay McKesson—one of the least unifying figures on the national political landscape. The interview topic was “people and change,” but perhaps the only change Silverman considers valuable is a transition from the Right to the Left.

Continuing her affinity for irreverence and bad taste, Silverman wrapped up the show with a prayer, beginning with, “Dear God that I don’t believe in,” her hands folded like a child at bedtime. In her conversation with her Creator, she let the audience know that humans made up God “to understand what is beyond our comprehension…and to stop us from furiously masturbating.” God replied, “I watch all my creations masturbate.” Classy.

The saddest thing about Sarah Silverman is her severe lack of either interest or ability to do anything other than perpetually feign love and respect, wink wink, in an attempt to mine comedy gold. Her lone trick is to say things that are nice and not mean them. Not only is it not funny, but it must make for a very dull and unfulfilling life to be someone with no respect, heart or depth. Actually, that's also a pretty good description of her new show.