San Diego State Hires New President Based Solely on Social Justice Background

“Identity U” and Insanity U.

San Diego State University has a new president and the reason she was hired was not because of her extensive background in academia, but based on the array of social justice departments she headed at the University of California-Davis.

In a great piece at City Journal, Heather Mac Donald proves that the hire of Adela de la Torre shows how “the purpose of the university is no longer the pursuit of knowledge,” but the bureaucracy of identity politics.

Mac Donald lists some of the “whopping 28 departments” that de la Torre presided over as UC-Davis’s vice chancellor of student affairs and campus diversity:

  • The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual Resource Center
  • The Center for African Diaspora Student Success 
  • The Center for Chicanx and Latinx Student Success
  • The Native American Academic Student Success Center
  • The Middle Eastern/South Asian Student Affairs Office
  • The Women’s Resources and Research Center
  • The Undocumented Student Center
  • Retention Initiatives
  • The Office of Educational Opportunity and Enrichment Services
  • The Center for First-Generation Student Scholars

“This gallimaufry of identity-based fiefdoms illustrates the symbiosis between an artificially segmented, identity-obsessed student body and the campus bureaucracy: the more that students carve themselves into micro-groups claiming oppressed status, the more pretext there is for new cadres of administrators to shield them from oppression,” writes Mac Donald.

And de la Torre will certainly bond with the new intersectional student body at SDSU that is always looking for safe spaces. At her old job, she provided counseling services and “healing spaces” in the wake of Donald Trump’s election to comfort traumatized UC-Davis students. She was also responsible for assuring students that the school was welcoming to all races, genders, and backgrounds. De la Torre proved her worth to SDSU when they saw that she investigated a “Cinco de Drinko” party and found it to be racially insensitive. Who knew that’s all it would take to qualify to become the president of a public university?

Welcome to Insanity U. We have campuses all across the world!

Read Mac Donald’s entire piece here.