Salon Pundit: Sean Hannity a Believer in 'Christian Version of Sharia Law'

He forces "conservative religious beliefs on the non-believers by law."

Left-wing writers at Salon never fail to draw the most absurd comparisons in order to further their political agenda. To this end, the outlet's Amanda Marcotte penned a  column Wednesday likening Sean Hannity's recent comments on Muslim immigration to a "Christian version of sharia law." 

According to Marcotte, Hannity, "like nearly all conservatives these days, is a strong believer in the Christian version of ‘sharia law,’ i.e. forcing conservative religious beliefs on the non-believers by law."  Newsbusters extrapolated the relevant portions of the author's ludicrous assertion:

…If somebody from a country that practices sharia, wants to come to America, do we have a right to know and to vet whether or not they are bringing values that are contradictory to our constitutional republic?...[I]s asking that question really so over the top?...Why is there such a denial about how sharia law contradicts everything that we believe in our constitutional republic?

…[But] Hannity, like nearly all conservatives these days, is a strong believer in the Christian version of “sharia law,” i.e. forcing conservative religious beliefs on the non-believers by law…

Marcotte then went on a tirade about how conservatives promote "forced childbirth" and "public harassment of transgender people." 

No doubt Hannity’s argument is that his support for forced childbirth, mistreatment of LGBT children, and public harassment of transgender people is OK, because it isn’t as bad as fundamentalist Muslim views on these issue[s]…

…[Hannity] opposes beating women to death for having unauthorized sex. How very generous of him. Sure, he wants to make contraception harder for you to get and force you to give birth if you get pregnant, all while he sneeringly implies you’re a slut on the radio, but hey, he’ll allow you to live…

Forever lacking self-awareness, members of the Left, blinded by moral equivalence, actually think there is comparison between a pro-life American and a Muslim who advocates stoning a woman to death for perceived adultery. As usual, topics of gay marriage and contraception in America are somehow equal to the subjugation, abuse and murder of women and minorities in Islamic lands. 

The Salon writer continues her ill-informed screed, saying Hannity fuels "sharia law hysteria" and that the "big difference between conservative Muslims and Christians in this country is that only the latter have a massive, organized movement that is backed by an entire political party to force their theocratic views on the non-believers."

Of course Marcotte could not fail to push the paranoid notion that someone like Hannity would "force someone like me to have a baby against my will, all because his God says so."

Most kids can expect to go to their biology classroom without having Muslim-penned religious materials being passed off on them as if they were “science,” but in huge swaths of America today, public school science classes are being used to pass off Christian theology under the guise of “teaching the controversy”…

Liberals understand that the price you pay for religious freedom is some people adopt views that you disagree with…The problems really begin when you try to impose those views on others by force, and in that department, Muslims have a long way to go in the U.S. before they can even begin to catch up to Christians.

Marcotte offers all of the hackneyed left-wing tropes that have gotten American into the predicament it now finds itself. So obsessed is the left with dismantling the Judeo-Christian principles upon which this nation was founded, that they allow the real lion through the gate unimpeded. 

We wish we could say people who think like Marcotte are the rarity, but as moral relativism is pushed on society through the media, in the entertainment industry, in halls of academia and beyond, her views are more apt to become the norm.