Christie: I'm Not Trump's Sidekick

That clears things up.

At a news conference Tuesday, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie declared he is not a "sidekick" of GOP frontrunner Donald Trump. 

Christie has become the butt of many jokes ever since endorsing Donald Trump for president of the United States, with people labeling him sidekick, henchman, minion, or slave. Christie rejects these labels and has mostly laughed them off. 

“No, I don’t feel like a sidekick. You know, I’m an endorser of someone for president of the United States," said Christie Tuesday. "And if that makes you a sidekick in your world, that’s OK by me. But that’s not what I would see myself as.”

Christie speculated that people have largely mocked him as a sidekick because he took a backseat role when he has largely been in the spotlight, something he claims to be of his own doing in an effort to help the candidate he supports. 

When you’re there to help them, you’re not the show. They’re the show. And if you try to make yourself the show, you’re not helping them. So when you’re there to help somebody, you’re there to help them, and you do whatever you think you can do and that they want you to do to be helpful if you agree to be willing to do it. And I know it’s hard for all of you to understand having covered me for all this time, that I might actually be willing to take a backseat to anyone. I’m more than happy to take a backseat to someone if that’s the role that I’m supposed to be playing at the time, and if you support other candidates, that’s the role you play.

Speculation as to why Christie endorsed Donald Trump has paraded its way throughout all levels of politics, with even Hillary Clinton asking out loud "Did he have a debt?" during an interview with Chris Matthews.