Democrat Super-Delegate is a Convicted Felon

The Party doesn't seem to be bothered.

New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver remains a Democrat Party super-delegate despite his December 2015 conviction on federal corruption charges.

The Daily Caller is reporting that "Party grand poohbahs, plus the Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton campaigns today all declined to disavow Silver."

Democrats "balance out" the popular vote for their nominee with party VIPs, politicians and loyalist delegates who are free to support the candidate of their choice. Super-delegates could easily swing the nomination process in a "preferred" direction if the nomination race was close.

Silver, apparently a DNC member in good standing, actually endorsed Hillary in 2008. But her campaign Tuesday ignored inquiries about whether she wants his support this time around. Press secretaries for Bernie Sanders and the Democratic convention also pulled a deaf mute routine.

Ditto for former DNC chairman Ed Rendell and current vice chair Donna Brazile.

 Silver will be sentenced next month. If he goes to jail, it's not clear if he might be released under special circumstances to attend the DNC in July or if he would have to miss the event.

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