Social Justice Warrior Alert: Lingerie is Racist

NOTHING is off limits with these people. Everything. Is. Racist.

Victoria’s Secret is racist.

We bet no one knew that, but now you do, thanks to Cosmopolitan magazine’s Helin Jung who just proved with her social justice pen that even lingerie is racist. (Heads up: the article is no longer posted on Cosmo’s website.)

But as HeatStreet explained, Jung had a big problem with this year’s Victoria's Secret show which was all about celebrating fashion from cultures around the globe. Mistake number one: cultural appropriation.

Jung said the women's underwear designs  “shamelessly cherry-picked imagery, breaking apart aesthetic references from wherever they wanted and stitching them back together again:”

None of that even sounds nice, but if it does, don’t let yourself be hoodwinked by Victoria’s Secret’s brazen attempt to re-label what is clearly cultural appropriation by turning it into a celebration of “culture.” The brand and its creative leads shamelessly cherry-picked imagery, breaking apart aesthetic references from wherever they wanted and stitching them back together again. They’re telling us it’s worldliness. It’s not, it’s a hack job.

From HeatStreet:'s Emily Zanotti:

Even the designers’ commitment to hand-painting individual fabrics and handcrafting the globally themed bras and panties was an insult. They dared to call the materials “homespun” and “native” but the end product was “luxurious,” which clearly, to Jung, meant that Victoria’s Secret felt that only their mega-corporation and its pile of money – and not foreign savages – were capable of elevating “the primitive.”

Jung’s rant continued:

With its positive, pre-emptive spin about globalization and multi-culturalism, Victoria’s Secret seems to have anticipated my response. The brand is leading with the notion that we’re all members of the human race, therefore everything belongs to everyone. But this is exceptional disingenuousness coming from a brand that once put Karlie Kloss in a Native American war bonnet and leopard print underwear. The fact is that even as the world gets more connected, a sexist, patriarchal, mostly white corporation continues to take what it wants for its own gain. Its exploitation of these cultural references is meant to lead directly to profits. And I’m not buying it.

Social justice warriors pound their chests with demands of multi-culturalism and then when it happens, and it doesn’t meet their standards, they pound away decrying its misappropriation. They want their cake and to eat it, too — as long as it was forged and frosted using native materials by said natives.

Except for that time when Jung enjoyed some culturally appropriated Italian food for a Cosmo office party:

Or Chipotle served by non-Mexicans:

Consistency is hard.