Salon: This 4th, Fly Your Flag Upside Down

While conservatives all over the country spend Independence Day celebrating our freedom, our prosperity, and a President in the White House whose name is not Obama, the perpetually miserable leftists at Salon can't take a day off from their catastrophe-mongering.

Chauncey DeVega, a radical staff writer at the radical Salon, complains that we are a nation in distress and need to signal that to the world, presumably so that some socialist country which has its act together -- like, say, Greece or Venezuela, or perhaps the United Nations -- can come rescue us.

Chauncey blames President Trump and the Republican Party for the following state of affairs: "America’s citizens have been traumatized, the national mood is sour, racism and bigotry are publicly resurgent, and political violence is on the rise," he writes, neglecting to mention that all of that more accurately describes America under Barack Obama and that the political violence is coming from the left.

So Chauncey prescribes the following: "On this first Independence Day under President Trump, people of conscience and true patriots should fly the American flag upside down, as a collective signal of our national distress":

Flying the American flag upside down in protest against Donald Trump’s rule is an important act of symbolic politics. It signals to others that they are not alone and isolated in their opposition to Donald Trump. In fact, those who oppose Donald Trump and the Republican Party far outnumber their supporters.

He goes on to say that "patriotism cannot be surrendered to the right-wingers, the zealots, the jingoists and the racists. It is time for the rest of us — the vast majority, who support a pluralistic, forward-looking vision of America — to reclaim it." You read that right: a Salon writer appealing to the left's spirit of patriotism. Good luck with that, Chauncey.