Sally Kohn Destroyed on Twitter for Claiming Left Denounces Violence, Unlike Right

Sure, because conservatives are the ones hashtagging everything with “RESIST.”

CNN commentator and Daily Beast columnist Sally Kohn, who describes herself as “America’s second favorite cable news lesbian,” jumped into a vat of hot water on Sunday after a hilariously ignorant tweet which claimed the Left handles its “hateful crazies” much better than the Right.

That’s funny because just last week, Kohn tweeted a particularly violent meme featuring House Speaker Paul Ryan, complete with the oh-so-peaceful “#resist” hashtag:

A trite apology followed, which, of course, absolved her of any wrongdoing:

Also, don’t forget that it was Kohn who defended the violent protests of conservative speakers at American campuses last year, saying intimidating speakers is “good” if it makes them feel threatened to expound conservative values.

But it isn’t just us who noticed the hypocrisy. The Twitterverse punched back twice as hard, reminding Kohn her side isn’t as good at owning its violent rhetoric as good as she thinks they do:








Kohn’s tweet was in response to President Trump posting a wrestling smackdown he appeared in years ago with a CNN logo superimposed on the head of his opponent. The #resister became unhinged in an appearance on the news network Sunday, screeching, “It is not okay. It’s not okay for you to defend it. It’s not okay for him to do it or okay for our kids to grow up in a country where this is how the president of United States behaves and we shouldn’t defend this at all.”

“It’s not funny — it’s scary,” she added. “We have a mounting crisis of violence and hate in this country and the president is contributing to it.”

Actually, YOUR side is responsible for that, Sally: