Rutgers Prof Under Investigation for Sharing Anti-Semitic Posts

The university called it “antithetical to our university’s principles and values.”

A microbiology professor at Rutgers has been disavowed by the university after it was discovered he had shared multiple posts with aggressively anti-Semitic content.

Professor Micheal Chikindas found the posts from neo-Nazi websites and shared them on his Facebook page. Some posts compared Jews to parasites, others suggested Jews were behind cancer, pornography, and sex-trafficking. Chikindas made one of his wildest claims when he wrote:

“Israel is the terrorist country aimed at genocidal extermination of the land’s native population, Palestinians. We must not forget that the Armenian Genocide was orchestrated by the Turkish Jews who pretended to be the Turks.”

But perhaps the strangest of all is when the professor proposed that Jews will fail to “exterminate” the Palestinians because, “Israel, the country of the Jews and for the Jews, has one of the highest percentage of gays in the world.” 

Chikindas also chastised Ivanka Trump’s husband, Jared Kushner, as a “Jewish money bag” and labeled both Ivanka and Melania Trump, “two bitches dressed like ‘black widows.’”

In an interview with The Algemeiner, the professor hoped to convince others that he couldn't possibly be a bigot because he is “25 percent Askhenazi Jew.” He also claimed that his Facebook page was hacked, even though he never denied sharing the offending posts.

Besides distances themselves form an employee and labeling his beliefs as “antithetical to our university’s principles and values,” Rutgers will investigate to see if Chikindas actions violated the anti-discrimination policy. 

H/T The Daily Caller