Rush: Why is Rubio the Only One Saying it?

El Rushbo asks if Rubio is right.

El Rushbo is showing why he is the top talk show host in America once again. During Monday's radio show Rush Limbaugh didn't make fun of Marco Rubio for saying that President Barack Obama is doing what he does on purpose.

During Saturday's debate in New Hampshire, Rubio repeated a variation of the same line several times: "Anyone who believes that Barack Obama isn’t doing what he is doing on purpose doesn’t understand what we are dealing with here," Rubio said.

The repetition was mocked during the debate by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and since then by others, but on Monday, Limbaugh was asking why others were not parroting Rubio's line.

"This is really, really important," Limbaugh said. "There are only two people that I'm aware of that are making a consistent point of this. Rubio, actually, is atop of this. Rubio and Cruz are the only two in the entire Republican field. Carly Fiorina may have said something like this occasionally. With Rubio, it's a theme. With Cruz, it's close to a theme. And the real question is: Why do the other Republicans in the field disagree?"

Limbaugh argued that the moderates in the field, including the governors, have all worked with President Obama to advance his agenda so they cannot criticize the agenda any longer, only the man:

"You want to know why they cannot agree that Obama's doing this on purpose? Very simple," Limbaugh said. "They cannot agree that Obama's doing it on purpose. They do not dare say that Obama's doing it on purpose because they have all worked with Barack Obama, in one way or another, every one of these governors, many of them, and even a lot of Republicans in the House and Senate have worked with Obama to advance certain elements of the agenda."

Limbaugh even took on Donald Trump for claiming that Obama is simply incompetent rather than trying to engage in the fundamental transformation of America.