Rosie O'Donnell Has Political Diatribe on Late Night TV

"I spend like pretty much 90% of my waking hours tweeting hatred towards this administration."

I'm not really sure why anyone considers Rosie O'Donnell to be relevant but it would appear that the producers of Late Night with Seth Myers do. They booked her on the show Thursday night and she took the opportunity to rant in real life like she usually does on Twitter, the MRC reports. Apparently she also has a new show to promote, but it was mostly about the ranting. 

Here are some direct quotes from the interview.

On how she spends her time: 

You see, I’m a little edgy. I spend like pretty much 90% of my waking hours tweeting hatred towards this administration.

Sounds a little like Trump Derangement Syndrome to us. Pathetic.

On what she said about him on The View, which she got from the most reliable of sources:

So then I said, you know, some facts that I just went on Wiki, that were easily accessible, since this campaign began, that he is bankrupt four times, that he got all his money from his father, and that he notoriously cheats private contractors out of their money.

On the phone call she made to her therapist on election night:

That night, I was like listen you wench, I am here and I have NO XANAX!

On Bob Mueller:

[I plan to get a] Bob Mueller tattoo….right over my heart.

[Mueller] looks to me like Superman. Like Captain America, like justice has finally arrived back on our shores and we are going to right ourselves again!

On her desire to serve Trump with indictment papers personally:

I have put in that request by tweet.

Sounds official. Maybe finally having her own show again will keep her occupied with more productive things than simply hating President Trump.

Late Night With Seth Myers advertises itself as "home to A-list celebrity guests, memorable comedy and topical monologue jokes." So, why was Rosie booked, again?