Romney Laments That the New Media is Obstructing GOP Compromise with Dems

This is why you lost, Mitt.

Displaying just how out of touch he is with conservatives all across America, former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney complained in a recent podcast interview that the demise of traditional media is driving Republican “insurgents” away from the center and obstructing establishment Republicans from compromising more with Democrats, reports Breitbart.

Romney told David Axelrod on a recent “The Axe Files” podcast that the “extremes within our respective parties are having a louder and louder voice and demanding more attention” and “immediate action” as opposed to more “collaborative action.” He blamed this phenomenon partly on the “change in the world of media”:

“There was a time when we all got the news with the same facts, if you will. We had three networks we watched for the evening news. Most of us got newspapers. Everybody in the middle class got a newspaper, so we got the same facts whether we agreed or not with them.”

But now people “get their news on the web” and “they tend to read those things which they agree with.” He said people are “not seeing the other side” and “not even getting the same facts” while “we have commentators” on cable news “who are hyperbolic in expressing their views on issues.”

Romney lamented also that more Democrats are considering themselves “liberal” and “in my party, there are more and more who feel they are more insurgent than towards the center of the party... And I think that divisiveness is one of the things that has led to Washington having such a hard time getting things done,” he said.

What Romney fails to mention is that in the days when America "got the same facts," as he put it, those facts were often as not liberal propaganda. Conservatives have wised up and largely abandoned biased and mainstream media - including Fox News, as it drifts further toward a center-left perspective - to get the truth from new media outlets on the internet.

Last Sunday on CNN’s State of the Union, Romney again expressed concern about the rise of conservative insurgents, Breitbart notes, and asserted that the “best approach is to see if we can’t find common ground with the people across the aisle”:

“We have Paul Ryan, for instance, that’s willing to work with Democrats,” Romney said. “I think that’s a productive thing.”

Wrong. As well-intentioned a man as he may be, Romney lives under the delusion that the right can work with a party that has no intention of compromising or collaborating. The Democratic party today has zero interest in finding common ground or working together with Republicans; it is hell-bent on seizing power and destroying the right altogether. Meanwhile, the establishment GOP has proven itself time and again to consist of unprincipled losers who couldn't lead a horse to water, much less make America great again.

Those conservative "insurgents" that Romney is concerned about are the new conservative base of Americans who don't want to compromise and lose anymore. They want to get behind candidates who will fight and win and restore American exceptionalism, so they are abandoning the Republican party in droves and aligning themselves with non-establishment types like Donald Trump and Ben Carson, as problematic as they may be as Presidential candidates, or with principled leaders like Ted Cruz.

Romney and the rest of the establishment GOP can lament all they want, but conservative America has already moved on.