Rogers: Obama DOES Have A Foreign Policy Strategy -- Do Nothing

At least he's being consistent

Republican chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Rep. Mike Rogers detailed President Obama's foreign policy strategy on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace -- do nothing.

Rogers said that Obama's handling of foreign policy is "unfortunately consistent" with his past actions. He warns that because of Obama's persistent failure to lead, America's allies are no longer counting on its help. Rogers explained: 

Well, unfortunately, we find it consistent with his past policy and actions on foreign policy. It shows, and I think, exemplifies his foreign policy is in absolute free fall. If you look at China, you look at ISIS, you look at Russia, you look at Iran, North Korea -- we have a serious host of problems presenting itself, and our traditional allies are now standing up and saying, 'Well, maybe America is not the best ones to lead us through these troubles.' That is an issue we're going to have to deal with.

Wallace asked Rogers if he believed White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, who said the president is just waiting on the Pentagon for options. Rogers replied that he does not and says Obama's disengagement is what has led America into this dire situation with ISIS:

Matter of fact, the options have been presented itself over the last year. We had our Arab League partners show up, Chris, and say, help us deal with this. They weren't asking for troops. They were asking for intelligence and coordination and help leading the effort of which folks to vet to give weapons and money in Syria and at least some strategic guidance in the region. The president rejected that. That was his decision, and we watched it progressively get worse. And so our Arab League partners decided, 'We're going to have to do this on our own.' It was uncoordinated, not through the best intelligence, and at the end of the day, ended up helping in an odd way the very people we're going to have to face today. So there have been plans on the table. The president just did not want to get engaged in any way. That is a decision, that is a policy, that is a strategy, and it's not working.