Right-Wing Candidate in France Knocked Unconscious by Angry Leftist

It’s not happening just in America.

While campaigning at a street market in Paris, the top right-wing candidate Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, 44, was rushed by an angry leftist who caused her to fall and be knocked unconscious.

According to multiple reports, the agitated man collected the leaflets she was handing out and tried to shove them back in her face. As he did, the candidate tumbled trying to avoid him and fell and hit her head. It took several minutes for her to regain consciousness. The man ran from the scene as someone from her party tried to chase him down. The suspect got away on the metro after punching the pursuer. 

From the BBC:

The man called her a "crappy bobo", an AFP reporter said. Bobo is a derogatory term for an urban hipster.

Ms Kosciusko-Morizet, widely known by her initials NKM, is a high-profile figure on the centre-right of French politics.

The MP had been handing out Republican party election leaflets ahead of Sunday's National Assembly election.

Witnesses heard the man tell the MP: "It's your fault [Anne] Hidalgo is mayor today", a reference to her defeat in the 2014 Paris mayoral election.

NKM was helped by paramedics and taken to the hospital. A lawsuit is underway.

Republican French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe visited her in the hospital and later said, “I condemn this act of unacceptable violence.”

The BBC also notes that NKM was the only female candidate for her party and is expected to face a tough battle to win against the more popular Democratic candidate.

So, here we have another angry leftist willing to take the fight to their opposition directly. They're everywhere, not just the United States.

The video above is in French, but shows pics of the attack and aftermath.