Reporter Suggests Lack of Abortion to Blame for School Shooting

"Tell me more about how abortions are wrong."

In the wake of a tragedy, you can always count on so-called Progressives to have the hottest of takes, making the dumbest of points. Take this woman, for example, who goes by "Hoodie Rebecca" and whose Twitter bio identifies her as "ex-MTV Europe" and a columnist (a columnist who doesn't even identify herself or provide a link to her columns):

So, we should just abort babies in case they grow up to be school shooters? She later tried to backtrack, saying she meant that, because mental illness can be hereditary, the woman should have aborted her baby instead of putting it up for adoption. Again, that's a very odd argument. I doubt she'd be on board with the government saying women can't reproduce if they have certain medical conditions, mental illness included. "My body, my choice, right?"

Once again, the left tries and fails to make abortion the answer.