Report: Refugee Contractors ‘Masquerading as Charities’ Almost Completely Funded by Taxpayers

“And, adding insult to injury, they lobby, kiss up to the media, and community organize against you who are paying for the whole refugee racket!”

According to Refugee Resettlement Watch, the financial data on federal refugee resettlement contractors reveal that taxpayers are footing almost the entire bill for their “humanitarian” work. What’s worse, most of them claim to be churches and, therefore, are exempt from reporting certain files, making the data sometimes elusive.

Below is a quick summary of what the watchdog group found out. To read the full details, click here

There are nine major federal resettlement contractors; three of them are secular:

Church World Service
Had over $88 million in revenue last year — 71.3% of their millions comes from “government grants.” That’s you, the taxpayer. The annual salary for the chief executive, Rev. John McCullough, is $251,224.

Ethiopian Community Development Council (secular)
93% funded by taxpayers

Episcopal Migration Ministries
99.5% funded by taxpayers
“But, because their federal funds flow in to a church ‘kitty’ and because churches don’t file Form 990’s (or most churches don’t), we have no idea how much they are getting or what the program leaders are being paid. Frankly, this is shameful!” writes Ann Corcoran, Refugee Resettlement Watch editor.

Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS)
57% funded by taxpayers
$40,565,891 in revenue for 2015, chief executive Mark Hetfield makes $358,718 per year.

International Rescue Committee (secular)
66.5% funded by taxpayers
Charity Navigator says annual revenue of $688,920,920, with $455 million coming from you! David Miliband is IRC’s chief. He makes a whopping $591,846 in salary.

US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants(secular)
98% funded by taxpayers
Charity Navigator won’t rate them:

This organization is not eligible to be rated by Charity Navigator because, as a service for individual givers, we only rate organizations that depend on support from individual contributors and foundations. Organizations such as this, that get most of their revenue from the government or from program services, are therefore not eligible to be rated.

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services
96-97% funded by taxpayers
Also not eligible to be rated by Charity Navigator for reasons above, but its CEO gets $274,632 annual salary.

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
97% taxpayer funded
Nearly $80 in federal grants, a.k.a. your tax dollars.
“I would like to get a more up-to-date accounting for the Bishops, but they must be hiding those reports really well! I suspect they are pulling down even more payola in more recent years,” Corcoran writes.

World Relief Corporation
72.8% taxpayer funded
With between $60-$70 million in annual revenue.

Corcoran concludes:

Can you see now why I say there will be no reform of the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program as long as these nine contractors, masquerading as charities, are sucking on the federal teat and bidding for bodies (aka refugee ‘clients’)?

And, adding insult to injury, they lobby, kiss up to the media, and community organize against you who are paying for the whole refugee racket!

None of these organizations would survive very long if Congress and the President cut them loose (or stated more kindly and so as not to mix metaphors!—weaned them!).

Click here to see the full study.


Photo credit: Thomas Hawk via / CC BY-NC