Report: Illegal Aliens Smuggled into US by Dreamers

But that's illegal! Oh, wait...

In the first two weeks of October, on two separate occasions, border agents caught DACA amnesty recipients attempting to smuggle illegal aliens through Texas. Obama’s little dreamers have been keeping busy!

On October 4, Customs and Border Protection agents intercepted a car at a checkpoint on Interstate 35 and found two Brazilians hidden away in the trunk. According to The Washington Times, “The driver of the car was from Guatemala, a juvenile who had been approved by the Obama administration for a DACA permit in 2016.”

Just three days later, an illegal alien from Mexico was found in the trunk of another Mexican Dreamer's car at the same checkpoint.

Because criminal actions disqualify participants in the DACA program, the Dreamers and their illegal cargo are next in line for deportation.

The Times notes:

As of this summer, some 2,139 Dreamers had had their DACA status revoked, out of nearly 800,000 people who’d been approved for the program — an incredibly low rate of about a quarter of 1 percent.

Congress has been asked by President Trump to figure out exactly what to do with all of the DACA recipients. They have six months to decide while the program is phased out. But it looks as if some Dreamers are going to usurp the law anyway they can in the interim.