REMINDER: Children as Young as 8 Punished for Insulting Leaders in Communist China

In case you forgot you lived in the land of the free.

An update to a civil code in communist China has been drafted to add punishment for children as young as eight for blaspheming the country’s leaders and “martyrs.”

According to state-run Xinhua News Agency, the previous age limit was 10, but said the new law considers younger kids to have “capacity for civil conduct.” In fact, the earliest of the drafts wanted the age of responsibility dropped to six years old.

Xinhua said the law is written to punish “people who harm the name, portrait, reputation and honor of heroes and martyrs.” The news agency also said, “certain people have maliciously defamed and insulted heroes and martyrs through twisting the truth and slander, harming the public interest and causing adverse social impact.”

Epoch Times reports:

The new law was added to the draft upon the suggestion of lawmakers in the National People’s Congress—the rubber-stamp parliament that effectively echoes CCP policy and ideological attitudes.

The Party avoids in-depth or holistic discussion of its past, preferring to inflate the presence of officially-approved narratives and individuals. Last July, Zhang Shujun of the Party History Research Center announced a research initiative to “conquer public opinion with persuasive and inspiring stories of the Party’s historical achievements,” as worded by the state-run Global Times.

So, take heed, leftists. For those of you who like to think President Trump is America’s new dictator, consider this a reminder that you can threaten to blow up the White House, stage a mock execution of the president, make sexual suggestions about the first lady, and use young children to tell Trump, ‘F*** you, racist f***,” and nothing will happen to you.

Better say a quick “thank you” to the Founding Fathers and all the members of our military, past and present, for your freedom.