R&B Singer Thinks Obama Deserves More Traveled Freeway to Bear His Name

It’s not enough to honor him. He must be exalted.

Another road was named after Barack Obama. This time, the 134 Freeway in Southern California which passes through Glendale, Eagle Rock, and Pasadena. This portion of the freeway, soon to be renamed the President Barack H. Obama Freeway, was chosen because it passes by Occidental College where he attended his first two years of college. State officials consider the timing “symbolic” as it came on the same day President Trump rescinded the former presidents Dreamer program. State Senator Anthony J. Portantino said it was very appropriate to “pass this resolution for a president filled with compassion on the same day we witness another president turn his back on 800,000 children.” But for some on the Left, even that’s not good enough.

When TMZ cameras caught up with R&B singer Monica at the Los Angeles International Airport, the cameraman suggested that Obama’s name shouldn’t appear on a freeway that’s “way out in the cut” and too far out to really be noticed. At first, Monica hadn’t even heard the news that a small portion of the state route was being renamed in Obama’s honor, but she easily agreed that the gesture should’ve been much bigger.

“I want to ride it to get to the airport,” she said. “I want to have to get on it. I want it to go, like, right through all the areas that he helped.”

“MLK,” the singer continued, “You know you’re around people that MLK influenced when you’re on MLK. At least in my hood you do.”

Monica also said that Obama should have more freeways named after him “in more than one state” because “He’s been so influential… he’s a part of history that no one else can be a part of.”

Both Monica and the TMZ interviewer agreed that Obama freeways should be extended to more cities and in more “prominent” locations with more traffic.

Monica praised Obama for staying involved in politics.

“As you can see when things are happening now, he still participates in what the country needs,” she said. “He could really walk away, but he doesn’t walk away.”

And now his roads can take Monica where she wants to go. But just to Pasadena, not LAX.

Photo credit: Ken Lund via Foter.com / CC BY-SA