Radical Left Wants to Convert V-E Day into Day of Mourning

Not from The Onion.

The Israeli Radical Left, led by groups like Peace Now, along with radical academics, has announced that it is calling on the world to convert V-E Day into a day of international mourning and contrition, writes Israeli author Steven Plaut at his blog.

May 8, V-E Day, is of course the day on which Nazi Germany surrendered, bringing World War II in Europe to an end. Radical Israeli leftists believe that celebrating it is "insensitive" to the losses and suffering of the German people. Hence, as Plaut puts it, leftists "are proposing that V-E Day be renamed Katastrophe Day to display sensitivity and identification with the German 'Other.'"

Plaut notes that for years, radicals have referred to Israel's victory in it War of Independence against Arab armies and militias as "Nakba Day" - the Day of the Catastrophe. Nakba Day mourning commemorations take place on the anniversary, May 15, in which the left mourns the existence of Israel and the "suffering" its existence continues to cause to Arabs. "Leftist bureaucrats in the Ministry of Education," he writes,

"have added 'Nakba narratives' to textbooks about the country's creation, in which the 'suffering' of Arabs as a result of Israel's emerging victorious are emphasized. The radical anti-Israel daily Haaretz has been particularly shrill about the need for Israelis to adopt the 'Nakba narrative' as their own. What could be a more effective way to promote peace than through such sensitivity?

According to Peace Now activists, Plaut writes, V-E Day celebrations around the world ignore the human costs to the German civilians on the losing side. Peace requires that their "narrative" be heard alongside that of the victors:   

According to the proposal by the radical leftists, Katastrophe Day mourning events will emphasize the role of the Potsdam Conference in condemning such ordinary Germans to suffering. Similarly, textbooks in which World War II is discussed would have to be edited to allow presentation of all narratives. In some cases, leftists have proposed that flags be lowered to half mast on Katastrophe Day.

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