Public University Offers $250 Bribe to Faculty to Be More ‘Inclusive’

“Developing specific teaching strategies for inclusion and diversity.”

Faculty at a public university in Virginia stand to make an extra $250 this year if they apply to join a semester-long lecture series on creating a more “inclusive” classroom.

James Madison University is offering “Preparing Faculty to Be Inclusive Teachers” for the Spring 2018 semester. According to the application, “[P]articipants will have the opportunity to hone their skills for appreciating, leveraging, and responding to diversity within their classrooms.”

In addition:

Participants will gain knowledge in areas associated with inclusivity and multiculturalism (e.g., race/ethnicity, nationality, ability status, etc.) and tools in managing group processes and difficult dialogues, addressing inflammatory and prejudicial comments, becoming aware of microaggressions and how to prevent them, and fostering more inclusive, equitable learning environments. Participation will enhance agency and confidence in making classroom environments more multiculturally minded and will create a community around issues of inclusive excellence.

Completing the series will earn a participant “a $250 stipend” if they attend all seven lectures. The money comes from an IDEA Grant from the Office of Access & Inclusion.

James Madison hopes for a more diverse and inclusive choices in classroom materials and learning objectives while helping faculty “develop[e] specific teaching strategies” to accomplish those goals. 

No word if they will encourage faculty just to simply teach the facts in their areas of expertise. One thing is for sure, they’re not going to pay them any extra to do it.

H/T Legal Insurrection