Professor of Gender Studies: ‘Toxic Masculinity is Killing Everyone’


There have been two mass shootings in the U.S. in the space of a month and an Islamic terrorist attack in-between. According to a professor of gender studies at the Kutztown University of Pensylvania, “toxic masculinity” is to blame.

Colleen Clemens is so sure that males are the problem, she repeated it three times on Twitter:

It sounds like she has thought about this a lot, if what she told The Washington Free Beacon is any indication:

"When men feel disenfranchised, and usually it's white men, they will find a way to feel enfranchised — and killing a room-full or street-full of people is them trying to fill that empty feeling. That drive is motivated by a toxic masculinity and a person who is deeply effected by that toxicity can fall prey to any kind of fanaticism. It can be rabid white, misogynistic nationalism and it can be ISIS.

"There's a similarity in how America and ISIS teaches men to be: men must be virile, strong, powerful. And men are convinced that the reason they don't have that [power] is because of gains made by women. There's a lot more space now at the table for a lot of different types of identities, and the anxiety that comes of that heightens a specific type of masculinity that thinks masculinity should always be in a place of power."

In Clemens assessment, Islamic terror and mass shootings are a result of a “construct of masculinity that asks men to be inhuman.” And even though a Muslim and a white man come from “different ideological backgrounds,” Clemens believes both men have the “feeling something is being taken away.”

"It's a response to a devaluing of a specific kind of privilege, specifically white male privilege,” the professor added.

It’s not that Clemens is blaming all white men, but a culture that is “quelling boys’ humanity” by asking them “to participate in a rigged game that creates a space where they feel like they have only one thing left to do.”


Clemens also stated, “We have to undo the idea that women are naturally peaceful and males are naturally violent.” 

So, ladies, if you all could up your killing game a little, it would sure take a lot of pressure off us men.