Professor Called For House Republicans To Be ‘Lined Up And Shot

“Republicans are a f***ing joke and their voting block runs the gamit [sic] from monstrous to ignorant.”

A mere month before a gunman shot four people at a Republican congressional baseball practice, a college professor called for Republicans to be “lined up and shot.” The Daily Caller summarizes

Dr. John Griffin, a professor of Media Arts and Animation at the Art Institute of Washington, decried Republican efforts to repeal Obamacare back on May 4 and posted on Facebook his suggestion to shoot Republican House members. In another post, Griffin used an expletive to refer to the GOP.

Republicans “should be lined up and shot” for their votes, wrote Griffin. “That’s not hyperbole; blood is on their hand,” the professor added.

“Republicans are a f***ing joke and their voting block runs the gamit [sic] from monstrous to ignorant,” he posted later, demonstrating that one doesn't even have to be able to spell to be a professor today.

The Blaze reports that Griffin, whose school is located just outside of Washington D.C., later edited his original post to include an apology: “It’s been pointed out to me that language I had used in reference to the House of Representatives was inappropriate, especially from someone of my profession. This is true. It is inappropriate. And I apologize for using them,” Griffin said. “I regret my words. I regret the fear that stoked them." He concluded by saying, “I ask for your forgiveness.

The Blaze reported that the professor explained he has a pre-existing condition that caused him to “lash out” on social media.

Indeed he does. That pre-existing condition is called progressivism, and a majority of academics across the country are afflicted with it.

His info seems to be missing now from the faculty page at the Art Institute of Washington, and his Twitter account appears to be missing as well.