PR Firm Hired to Clean Up Image of Turkish PM Who Called Israel a 'Geopolitical Tumor' and Netanyahu a 'Terrorist'

"The brains of the Muslim Brotherhood’s governing party in Turkey."

One of the world’s largest PR Agencies, Burson-Marsteller (BM) has been hired by Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu “to improve his overseas image” following the recent Turkish elections. Davutoglu’s AKP Party hired the American-based firm only a few days after his AKP party won an absolute majority, and BM’s offices in Berlin, London, Paris, and Washington, D.C. are actively working the media.

Burson-Marsteller, whom I revealed last year rejected Israel as a client (deeming the Jewish State too controversial), represented the Muslim Brotherhood of Tunisia. Who is this gem of a Prime Minister for whom Burson-Marsteller is now working?

Davutoglu is author of a 2001 book, Strategic Depth, which declared that a Jewish State of Israel is unsuitable for the Middle East. He proudly noted that Turkey was the only country standing beside the Palestinians in their international recognition process. Referring to Israel, he has said that …”the AK Party will not be the friend of an oppressor" and as The Economist has noted, has called Israel “a geopolitical tumor.”

His foreign policy has been described as “Muslim Brotherhood-inspired transnationalism,” and he as “ the brains of the Muslim Brotherhood’s governing party in Turkey.”

In January 2015, Davutoglu accused Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu of terrorism and said Israeli "provocations" such as the bombardment of Gaza were contributing to radicalization in the Muslim world. He compared Netanyahu to the Islamist terrorists who killed 17 people in the Charlie Hedbo attacks.

Hillary Clinton wrote in her memoirs, “Hard Choices that Davutoglu threatened to declare war on Israel.

The first job of this legendary Public Relations agency may be to spin his idea that jihad should not be confused with terrorism. Davutoglu has said there is no connection between jihad and terrorism, and that the notion is often misunderstood by American "neo-cons and pro-Israelis."

The CEO of the world’s largest PR firm, Richard Edelman, has said “PR is not like the law – not everyone deserves representation.” Apparently not everyone in PR agree with that statement.

Ronn Torossian is CEO of a top 25 U.S. PR Firm, and has been named the Public Relations executive of the Year by the American Business Awards.