Political Ad of Truck Stalking Minority Kids Backfires Spectacularly

This could be the thing that secures Virginia a Republican governor.

A violent political ad meant to pull votes away from Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie may end up securing his seat in the state house. 

As TruthRevolt previously reported, the Latino Victory Project released a sickening political ad aimed at Gillespie and Donald Trump that shows a white man driving his truck, complete with a Confederate flag and “Don’t tread on me” plate, and chasing down black, Latino, and Muslim kids. “Is this what Donald Trump and Ed Gillespie mean by the American Dream?” the ad asked unapologetically. It’s been pulled from YouTube, but not erased completely:


Gillespie told The Daily Caller that his family couldn’t believe their eyes after seeing it:

“They are infuriated and they’re disgusted. And I understand that. I think it’s always harder on the family than on the candidate himself or herself, but it’s not pleasant, and it’s the kind of thing that makes good people not want to run for public office.”

The candidate said he wasn’t going to let it steal his focus on what is important to him in this race: “This race is about the future of the commonwealth I love and my fellow Virginians.”

However, Gilespie received quite a surprise from an unintended consequence the ad afforded his campaign:

“Yeah, in fact, actually online, our fundraising has tripled from people who are just disgusted by this and feel that they’re under attack, which they are. But, again, it’s not just my supporters who are under attack here. It’s all those good, decent Virginians who may not agree with me, but understand that this is not good for the commonwealth of Virginia and that this kind of political attack and these smear campaigns are not good for the country and they’re not good for the commonwealth.”

Watch the interview below: