Police: White Armed Oath Keepers 'Inflammatory' at Latest Ferguson Protests

"Their presence was both unnecessary and inflammatory."

As the media pours into Ferguson, Missouri behind a new wave of protests during the anniversary of the shooting death of Michael Brown, four white men from the pro-Constitution group Oath Keepers descended onto the scene armed with rifles as a show of protection.

But police said their presence was not welcome. "Their presence was both unnecessary and inflammatory," said St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar.

When asked why they were in Ferguson, the Oath Keepers stated that they were there to protect "a journalist from the conservative InfoWars.com website," according to Reuters. The group's leader said they came armed because they "needed to be prepared." Last time they were in Ferguson, people got hurt and they wanted to again provide protection. Info Wars did acknowledge their presence, but said the group is there of "their own volition," but did say they are reporting at the scene and would qualify for those that Oath Keepers are aiming to protect.

Others aren't too happy with their presence either. One protester, Talal Ahmad reacted negatively to the presence of Oath Keepers telling Reuters:

You’re going to bring some uncommissioned citizens, white citizens, into a black community like this? It's disrespectful. Here, in a black neighborhood, we’re already living in a state of terror.