Ferguson Teen Shot by Police in 'Pistol Gang,' Flaunted Guns Online

"Im Watchin Scarface, This Sh*t Got Me Thinkin Of A Masterplan"

Ty Glocks is the name Tyrone Harris, 18, goes by on his social media profile, an insight into his obsession with doing bad things with guns.

Before he was shot and critically injured by police for pulling out a handgun during the latest flareups in Ferguson, Harris has been busy making a name for himself by frequently posting photos of himself online with various weapons and even bragging about being in a "Pistol Gang."

From a quick check of his social media posts, it is obvious that Harris had no love for law enforcement. In a post from July, Harris is seen with a gun in his waistband with a message stating, "I Aint Duckin No Action, F*** Da Police & Da Competition #PistolGang." [sic]

The weapon he used on the night of the anniversary of Michael Brown's death is reported to be a stolen Sig Sauer 9mm handgun. In another July post, Harris listed other guns he fancies: "I Only Shoot Dem Glock S&W & Dem Rugers." [sic]

TruthRevolt earlier posted a video showing Harris drawing his weapon outside of a business during the latest unrest. That report also states, "Harris has been charged with a bunch of felonies, including five counts of armed criminal action and four counts of assault on law enforcement." 

In his latest run-in with the law, Harris was chased by police as he repeatedly shot at them.

Pictures Harris posted to Facebook offer a glimpse into his fascination with gangs and rap culture. He can be seen posing with friends, plenty of weapons, money, and cigarettes below:


Photos via Daily Mail