Planned Parenthood Employees Admit Name ‘Deceiving’ Since They Specialize in Abortion

Oh, you want us to help you with parenthood? Sorry, you'll have to go somewhere else.

There’s been another undercover sting on Planned Parenthood, this time by the pro-life group Live Action which wanted to find out if a woman could get prenatal care at any one of PP's clinics. PP President Cecile Richards and others often claim that prenatal care is one of the essential services their organization provides to women. But after watching the above video, that doesn’t appear correct at all.

From the video’s description:

Live Action contacted all 41 Planned Parenthood affiliates where undercover recording is permitted by state law, and only 5 facilities out of 97 said they provided prenatal care.

“Planned Parenthood offers abortions, so they don’t offer prenatal care,” one PP employee in Tempe, Arizona said.

But this is how PP CEO Lori Lamerand sold it at a rally in 2011:

“Prenatal care: that is what we want to focus on. That is what is so vital.”

On countless occasions, Richards has said similar things: “Prenatal care: these are the kinds of services that folks depend on Planned Parenthood for.”

As Live Action notes, “prenatal care” is “health care that a pregnant woman receives for herself and her child as she prepares for birth.”

But time and again, that service was not an option when the Live Action actor phoned clinics.

“We’re not a prenatal care provider,” said a Fort Collins, Colorado worker.

“No Planned Parenthood does prenatal care, hon,” said an employee in Albany, New York.

A clinic operator in Farmington, New Mexico told the woman over the phone, “We don’t offer prenatal care at Planned Parenthood… We specialize in abortions. You know, that’s what our ultrasounds are for, to see how far along the, um, patient is.”

One incredibly honest employee in Merrillville, Indiana slipped from the script and said:

“No, we don’t do prenatal services. I mean, it’s called Planned Parenthood — I know it’s kind of deceiving.”

Another caught on video in Boise, Idaho said the same thing:

“We do not [have OB/GYNs here.] [laughs] Which is a deceptive name, right?”

While the woman was on hold at a Virginia Beach, Virginia clinic, the pre-recorded message promised PP would “take care of all your reproductive health needs” including “prenatal care.” But once a live operator got on the phone, the caller was told they don’t offer that service “at the moment.”

Several times, PP employees suggested going to other (actual) medical centers for prenatal services. Most of the time, the woman seeking care for herself and her child was given only one option at Planned Parenthood: abortion.

Let’s see how quick Richards or Nancy Pelosi says this video was deceptively edited. Let’s just say they know a lot about deception.