People Magazine Gushes Over 'Wonder Woman' Cecile Richards: She 'Makes a Mean Cherry Pie'

"Now we have work to do."

A recent profile of Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards in People Magazine gushes over the abortion magnate like she's some Wonder Woman out to protect women's rights from the oppressive patriarchy.  

“This White House has been worse for women than any administration in my lifetime,” Richards, told the magazine, lamenting her organization's potential defunding at the hands of congress. 

The President and his Republican-controlled Congress are moving to cancel $550 million in federal funds that Planned Parenthood receives for the nonabortion basic health services (including cancer screenings) it provides 2.5 million women and men each year. And now the 100-year-old nonprofit, its over 600 health centers and Richards herself have never been more under fire — or more energized.

Yes, there were tears on Election Night 2016. All three of Richards’s children with husband Kirk Adams — Lily, 30, and 26-year-old twins Daniel and Hannah — actively supported Hillary Clinton’s campaign. But any wallowing was brief.

"I told them, ‘Now we have work to do," Richards says. 

After profiling her childhood upbringing by her Civil Rights lawyer father, the article ends with Richards vowing to keep fighting for so-called "reproductive rights."

“Until we have more people in office who can get pregnant, we will continue to have these fights,” she says. “It is very frustrating to talk to members of Congress who will never need maternity benefits, never have to deal with an unintended pregnancy or think about whether they can afford birth control. That’s a problem.”

The magazine hit a low point in its fawning profile of Richards by praising her for making "a mean cherry pie," as if that somehow redeems her from overseeing the butchery of the unborn.