Pelosi Praises Illegal Aliens Who Broke the Law, Brought Children into U.S.

When a lawmaker loves lawbreakers, something is very wrong.

Fresh off a press conference that was overtaken and shut down by pro-illegal alien protesters, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is now complimenting the parents of Dreamers for breaking the law.

On Wednesday, Pelosi was all compliments to parents who came to the country illegally and flooded the system with babies and children who would grow up to be children protected by President Obama’s DACA program. 

“Their families did a great thing for our country bringing these kids here,” Pelosi said. That sentiment goes against most every other lawmaker, even those who support DACA. While they don’t want to punish the children, most lawmakers aren’t congratulating their parents for breaking the law.

Democrats are hoping a new bill will give even more help to illegal aliens beyond DACA. Pelosi said the new qualification requirements would extend to any child under 18 who was brought to the country and has been here four years working on graduating high school. In addition, those who came here without their parents, under the Unaccompanied Alien Children act, would also qualify.

So, come one, come all!

Photo credit: Jason Pier in DC via / CC BY-NC