Pelosi Enforced Same Dress Code Feminists Now Blame Paul Ryan For

These are desperate times.

House Speaker Paul Ryan has been excoriated by feminists this month because they think he imposed the dress code for women in the House that forbade them from wearing sleeveless tops or open-toed shoes. The Left has been waiting for the Trump administration to bring to life the dystopian fantasy of The Handmaid’s Tale, and the enforcement of these rules was just what they were hoping for. Except they forgot one important detail: the previous speaker of the House also enforced those rules. That was Nancy Pelosi.

The pushback caused Ryan to announce that he will modernize the code:

"The sergeant-at-arms was simply enforcing the same interpretation of the rules as under my predecessors. It's nothing new and certainly not something that I devised. At the same time, that doesn't mean that enforcement couldn't stand to be a bit modernized.

“Decorum is important, especially for this institution, and a dress code in the chamber and the lobby makes sense. We also don't need to bar otherwise accepted contemporary business attire, so look for a change on that soon."

Pelosi took to Twitter to praise the move, seemingly forgetting her own role in oppressing women when she was speaker:

But she wasn't let off the hook that easy:





The Washington Examiner’s Emily Jashinsky writes, “She had a full four years to update the dress code when it fell under her authority, but instead chose to oversee its enforcement her entire time in the speaker's office.”

But suddenly, it’s politically expedient to paint the Republican Party as a cesspool of misogyny and Pelosi seized the moment hard. Hypocrisy be damned!