Pelosi: Attacks Trump and Moore, Defends Conyers and Clinton

"Why don't we talk instead about how we go forward?"

Never let it be said that Nancy Pelosi is anything but a hyper-partisan Democrat. Appearing on NBC's Meet the Press with Chuck Todd, the House Minority Leader called Dem Congressman John Conyers "an icon" when asked about allegations of sexual impropriety and a taxpayer-funded payout. She also said President Donald Trump, and not former President Bill Clinton, is why partisans dismiss sexual allegations against their preferred candidate.

At one point in the interview, Todd said to Pelosi, "I think there is a reason there is a re-litigation of this.... the reason we are at this moment, the reason it got worse, is because of how we handled it collectively then."

Pelosi was having none of it, claiming Bill Clinton's actions in the Oval Office and the defense of Clinton by Democrats had nothing to do lower standards; instead, it is all about Trump:

Asked about her call for a zero tolerance policy sexual harassment in Congress and how it would apply to John Conyers, the longest-serving Democrat in Congress and now accused of using tax money to hush up former staffer for acting inappropriately, Pelosi praised him:

While some members of the mainstream media that once defended Bill Clinton, and other Democrats like him, have been having second thoughts and asking tough questions of their party, Nancy Pelosi isn't ready to join those folks and remains staunchly behind men she would call to be removed from office if they simply had an R next to their name.