Paul Ryan Commits on Question of Whether Trump is a Fascist or Not


Speaker Paul Ryan was asked today whether he thinks Donald Trump is a fascist or not. It is a question that comes up fairly frequently recently in political circles and as Speaker, Ryan is answering for the first time.

REPORTER: Yesterday, Elizabeth Warren said that Donald Trump is authoritarian, and prior to that, the Mexican president said he’s a fascist. You’ve talked with him, you’ve dealt with him, what do you think of…

SPEAKER RYAN: I don’t see it that way.

It's not exactly a ringing endorsement, or even refutation, but it is at least an indication. Ryan doesn't want to call the potential Republican nominee a fascist and, in his leadership role, says he does not think that he is. In general, Ryan tried very hard not to answer any questions about Trump at all. 

It seems he was only willing to weigh in on the most extreme possible point of view regarding Trump, and then only with a very mild objection.